I Need Your Help

I Need Your Help

January 1, 2014, will mark the beginning of a difficult journey. Now, it’s sad to say it will be difficult, because this journey is to complete an exciting activity every day for a year. (And really, should that be so hard?)

I need your help. 365 days is a long time. Please comment and add an idea of a day/weekend activity, whether it’s extreme (base jumping), or a weekday fun event (massage). Maybe its a sight seeing landmark or maybe it’s an activity like hula-hooping. List em all!


43 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Week day: Visit Minnehaha Falls with your sister. I lived her too long to have not seen it yet. Let’s go before it gets too cold. When are you starting the 365 day journey?

  2. Winter:
    Kiss someone to ring in the new year.
    Go sledding with a little kiddie sled.
    Go ice skating on a frozen lake.
    Go snowshoeing with me at my school forest with me. (Meaning drive five hours to visit me, that’s an adventure right?)
    Complete a winter run like the Point Bach Run.
    Tell five people that you love them and for them to tell five people that they love them. Spread the love!
    Have a campfire in the winter and make s’mores.
    More to come… hope this helps!

  3. Oh exercise 3 days a week. That would count for three days wouldn’t it? Take a zumba class, dance class, or a fun fitness class.

    Train for a triathlon or a duathlon (running, biking, running)! I will do it with you!

  4. Paintball party!! It would be fun to get a big group together. I always see groupons for this! In fact there is one on livingsocial right now.

  5. -Go Lawn Bowling on the roof of Brits Pub
    -Kayak Calhoun, Isles, Cedar
    – Mill City Market on a Sat
    – Go to a Gophers game
    – Go see a puppet show at Heart of the Beast Theatre
    – Spoil yourself for no reason
    – Do the Polar Plunge!! πŸ˜‰
    – Volunteer to help at the Special Olympics Spring games, donate your time to serve food at a homeless shelter, become a Big Sister, help pack meals, volunteer at a nursing home, etc
    – Take a Scuba diving lesson
    -Take the Downtown Minneapolis Segway tour
    -Get a piercing

  6. Go pick apples at a apple orchard
    Build a snowman
    Go tubing
    Go to a Haunted House or Maze
    Go to a baseball game, football game, hockey game, lacrosse game
    Go for a hike

    I will think of some more for ya!

  7. Learn to play a random instrument.
    Dance in the rain.
    Do a chinese firedrill.
    Watch a meteor shower.
    Try out for a play.
    Enter yourself into some kind of contest and compete.
    Speak in a random dialect for a day.
    Play tag or hide and seek in Walmart.
    Come up with an entire stylish outfit for $20 (or $10 for a bigger challenge) only shopping at garage sales.
    Cook an entire new meal without using a recipe
    Learn a new dance move
    Pick up a new hobby
    Have a snowball fight with friends
    Plant a tree
    Have a random dance party
    Pull a really good april fools joke
    Go trick or treating
    Try a new ethnic food

  8. I’ve seen a lot of good ones already!
    – Run a half or full marathon (I’m planning on it, and we can train together!)
    – Visit the sculpture garden
    – go to the science museum, art institute, other museums
    – try a new recipe once a week (would that count for 52 things? That might be pushing it.)
    – learn some conversational phrases in another language (try the app/website duolingo.)
    – go to a twins game, vikings game, wild game, and timberwolves game
    – go to como zoo and the conservatory
    – go to the landscape arboretum
    – go for a bike ride on the greenway
    That’s all I can come up with for now. I hope that helps!

  9. *Buy a homeless person lunch and learn about their life
    *take a trip to the biggest ball of twine
    *Spend a day completely by yourself
    *Take a mental health from work and spend the day doing something you enjoy
    *Write Santa a letter
    *Write your favorite Disney character a letter..they usually reply!
    *Go to work with not a stitch of make up on
    *Spend a night camping in your backyard under the stars, no tent
    *Create a Buzzfeed post
    *Swim in Lake Michigan
    *Tour a haunted house
    *Send flowers or a gift to a friend or family member just because
    *Confront your biggest fear
    *Go to a Wild Game
    *Tour a Brewery
    *Go horseback riding
    *Clean out your closet and donate what you no longer need
    *wear a wig for a day
    *Spend a day away from computers/phone, and journal your thoughts. How do they differ from what you would put on social media?
    *write a poem and send it to someone or put it on your blog
    *Introduce yourself as Regina Phalange for a day (from Friends, see who gets it!)
    *Spend an entire day speaking in an English Accent
    *Volunteer at the human society
    *Volunteer at a nursing home
    *Bake a treat for your office/family/friends
    *See how many photo booths you can find around town and do them all in a day!
    *Go to a movie by yourself

  10. I know there are days when I come home from work and can’t make myself move. For those days do something simple:

    Take a different route home from work
    Eat something you’ve never tried before (even if you have to order it)
    Go to a coffee shop you’ve never been to before
    Find a news story you know nothing about, read it
    Pick an artist you’ve never heard of and listen to their whole album
    Take a walk with no destination, see where your wandering takes you
    Start to write a story with no intention of finishing
    Journal an especially weird dream you had, before you forget the details

    It might be cheating, but you could do some of these multiple days (each new food/ route counts for a different day).

  11. Fly out to California for a couple days and do a couple days worth of crazy things with her. We could go to MOCA, Knott’s Berry Farm, Catalina Island, and the Getty Center!! How Fun!!!

  12. Cook a four course meal…for yourself.
    Pay for a strangers coffee/sandwich/whatever
    Spend an afternoon watching the clouds
    Volunteer helping young children learn to read
    Visit your friend Joe in Nashville πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the ideas Joe! I’ll tell ya the same thing I told my sister. If I come across some extra money, I’ll be sure to visit you. (Otherwise I believe a certain Vegas trip will be included during this year!)

  13. Learn how to do something using only youtube.
    Dress like a hippie
    Wear your shirt inside out or backwards all day and see if anyone tells you.
    Walk a dog at the Humane Society.
    Get another tattoo.
    Do an art project with Calvin.
    Volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club.
    Join a dating site and share guy’s messages to you.
    Color your hair red or blonde.
    Play hopscotch.
    Go to a fast food drive through, and pay for the next person in line.
    Plant a flower, plant, tree.
    Open a fortune cookie and write about how you will make it come true.
    Go to a spa day with your big sister.
    If you see a hot guy, walk right up to him and ask him out.
    Take pickle for a walk, on a leash.
    Learn to play a song on the Harmonica.
    Scroll through the phone numbers on your phone and randomly choose one. Talk to that person for at least 30 minutes.

      1. Let’s have a mother & daughter & sisters segway outting. This would be a hoot.
        Write a thank you card to someone for their kindness.
        Can tomatoes with your mom.
        Plant flowers with your mom.
        Do yoga with your mom.
        Bellydance with your mom.
        Go to a movie with your mom.
        Go to a Sheldon performance with your mom.
        Do a craft with your mom.
        Learn how to play cribbage.
        Learn how to play euchre.
        Bake a pumpkin pie.
        Go catfishing with your mom and dad.
        Go for a walk with your mom.
        Call Grandma and tell her you love her.

  14. Bake christmas cookies for your coworkers and/or neighbors
    go watch the horse races
    snow shoe through a state park you have never visited
    do yoga in the park on a sunny afternoon/evening
    Take a sewing lesson from mom
    have grandma reach you how to make a traditional norweigen dish
    write down and finish one of dad’s stories

  15. Potty train Calvin. I hear that a day or two of no britches on, and someone (that would be you) watching the kid like a hawk and scurrying them to the potty chair works like a charm.

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