Day 3: Belated Birthday Drinks With a Coworker

I mean, it’s Friday.

My coworker wasn’t able to make it to my birthday party, so she wanted to buy me a birthday drink. Naturally, one drink turned into a few, and we also opted for some mussels (when we intended to order oysters), and an egg, all courtesy of The Lowry, a restaurant/bar I’ve never been to.

The Lowry: Burgers, Whiskey, Oysters, Eggs…this is what they do.


We looked at the fancy drink list, and I of course chose one with gin.

I love Gin. Ginny, Gin, Gin. Here it goes down, down into my belly…


Nice picture huh?


It was pretty, but after a few sips, I didn’t like it (too syrupy tasting). (Drink snob moment #1)


So, when I saw this (and boldly claimed that I was now going to come here every morning), I once again became the girl who orders a Bloody Mary at a weird time.


Another nice picture huh?

The Bloody Mary came, packed with a pickle, a little olive, and a big chunk of cheese. I enthusiastically took a guzzle, only to realize that I had just drank the second worst Bloody Mary of my life…and I know Bloody Marys. (Drink snob moment #2) I wasn’t too concerned with this double drink dissatisfaction (you like that alliteration?), because our bartender swapped out the blech Martini for the blech Bloody Mary for free. The bartenders were quite wonderful.


When the guy bartender brought out this plate, he said “Did somebody order some mussels?” in a lisped voice, displaying the plate with one hand, and lifting the other to flex.

They were delicious. I could eat an entire bowl myself next time (but instead of all the sausage, just bring me five more pieces of that bread).




These eggs were delicious (yes that is bacon on top), and while men were walking around with perfectly quaffed hair and shiny loafers, we were running spoons and fingers along the plate’s edge to get all of this messy “decorative” goodness.

And, as a finale to the night, we got to play with a wind-up toy.




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