Day 8: Ordered Photographs

All of my photos are online. The apartment is littered–yes littered, not decorated–with empty picture frames. A couple of Christmases ago, I got a big kit filled with frames to decorate a wall. I was thrilled, imagining how nice they would look in my apartment, filled with the pictures of my drunken college years…only they never went up.

Well, what the heck?

So, for today’s photoworthy task, I finally ordered photos! Check out these beauts.

2676_1032375782019_4444072_n 28692_122293394466656_3320645_n 28692_122293404466655_7242677_n 36138_1521255163394_4705009_n 65399_178118195550842_5055497_n 71834_1388497844848_3365671_n 154293_175883385774323_2961279_n 155100_176070009088994_5724147_n 258411_490954120933913_662467311_o 310440_294881760541151_472164595_n 316603_288548387841155_989013669_n 383298_10150515593156043_1753058196_n 400623_627560787273245_1014368754_n 527392_507246455971346_361011662_n 546184_425294624166530_1155819257_n 1069919_663060440389946_1068780348_n  1395133_725288084167181_1253736700_n


The days of developed film and surprise-flip-throughs may be over, but I’m freshly committed  to ordering hard-copies.


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