Day 12: Stock Photo Research

I’m real poor.

I’ve got loans, rent, and medical bills to pay. I also like to go out, tip well, and drink often.


I work a full-time job, and I sometimes waitress, you know, when they really need me to come in.

I need a supplemental income. I want to enter my writing into contests (but they often have entrance fees), and I want to enter my photographs to stock photo sites (but I have a lot to learn about photography).

So for the past two hours I’ve been creating accounts and uploading photos (only to get many declined due to size issues). In the past, I’ve uploaded a lot of my photos to Facebook, and then deleted them from the card. But Facebook changes the size, making them difficult to use for anything but Facebook. I found this out last week when I ordered print photos (and I couldn’t print an 8 x 10, even with my fancy camera photos), and I was cruelly reminded again today. Boo.


So today’s “photoworthy” task was research. It told me how to save, what to submit, what I need from my “models,” etc.

It also pushed “take a photography class,” to the front of my “list to do.”

This womans gotta make some moolah and work on her craft!


And yes, Sophia’s included in the post just to make it look pretty.


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