Day 15: Gave Flowers

When I asked for some photoworthy ideas, Keyana told me to “send flowers or a gift to a friend or family member just because.” And this was a great idea.

Only, it wouldn’t be “just because.” Every friend or family member deserves flowers. (Sounds a bit corny, I know.)

One person in particular deserved a special thanks.

My sister Beth has always been a great friend. She’s my “huntin’ buddy,” she helps me with my budget (as in she does EVERYTHING), and she pretty much saved me this past year.

It was the hardest year of my life, and when I needed her she was there, sleeping over on my uncomfortable couch, reminding me that even if I didn’t love myself, she did.

I’m so lucky to have you Beth.


P.S. I went to Pletscher’s Greenhouse. I picked up a bouquet and brought it to my sister, since she lived real close, and it would have cost $8 to deliver. There’s also that delivery complication associated with apartment buildings.

Who are you going to send flowers to?

2 thoughts on “Day 15: Gave Flowers

  1. I had no idea last year was the hardest year of you life. Why did only confide in Beth? Don’t you think your other big sisters would be able to help you? I guess you too are far closer to each other than you and I are. That sucks.

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