Day 17: Went to a Suburb Bar

Weekends can be sort of stressful because exciting activities are expected. When I got home from work, I wanted to lay down and be lazy, and maybe go to bed at 8 p.m. But, I had to do something “photoworthy.” So, my roommate told me to take my dirtbag self and shower and get ready, that we were going to suburbia.

Spencer picked up some flavored vodka and sparkling water (fyi, this is a delicious drink that makes you stay hydrated too!), and came over. Then we tripped it out to the burbs (stayed at her sister’s house), and trekked to Wild Bill’s.

It was like an Ed Hardy explosion.


122_0105122_0106122_0117 At the end of the night, Elton John and Sweaty Cowboy showed up. Initially we tried to get a sneaky picture (“I’ll stand behind them, just pretend you’re taking a picture of me”).122_0120 Then I just jumped in there.122_0119 I tend to force photos on strangers.hallWe danced our butts off, sang (poorly…I really don’t know the lyrics to any songs), glass-clinked, and hip checked people who came too close to the hurricane that was us.122_0122And then we returned the next day for a bloody mary (which was pretty good). But really, we weren’t hungover–only tired. We think this is because of the drinks with water (instead of pop), the dancing, and the giant Toppers mac & cheese with bacon pizza we devoured before bed (and holy crap was that good).

Time to go raid the leftovers…


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