Day 22: Watched a TED Talk

Ok, so once again, I’ve abused the “theme” of this blog, and chose an activity that isn’t “photoworthy.” As in, it would be really freaking weird if I took a picture of me doing it.

Like today’s TED talk watching.

But whatever. The whole point in this blog, is to do something awesome every day, whether it is awesome because it’s exciting or new, or because it’a pushing me forward, toward a more awesome self.

And I think TED talks do that.

They are short and informative, and I’m going to try to watch one every day during the work week.

Here’s the one I watched today. And here’s a list of popular TED talks to check out. Enjoy!

And read this one on depression too.


P.S. If you’re like me, and websites with a ton of options overwhelm you (YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE!), follow @TEDtalks on Twitter, and just watch whatever one posts around the time you are available. It will keep things fresh too–inspire you to learn about a topic you would normally skip.

While your at it, find @photoworthy yah?

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