Day 52: Drew with Charcoal

I always loved drawing with charcoal. Today, inspired by Spencer–working on her different art mediums for school, I picked up my old favorite (charcoal), and started drawing.


It’s not finished, but it’s a start (and I loved it)!


8 thoughts on “Day 52: Drew with Charcoal

  1. i love it too! that would look cool in ink also. god i haven’t used charcoal in forever! i really want to start painting again. i miss high school art so bad! haha i ran into hansen this past fall at the art fair in town. that was nice catching up =]

    1. I’m not so good with ink drawing (except for pointilism). It would be fun to mess around with though. 🙂 I ran into her too! She remembered me (I was surprised), but I guess I did cut the tip of my finger off in her art class—bahaha.

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