Day 56: Read and Wrote (Again)?

I worked extra late tonight (until like 7:30ish). And this is how I felt:Image

I needed to get A LOT done today since I’m going to an event tomorrow (stay tuned), and I have Friday off. Anyways, I got home, ate, drank half a bottle of wine, and did laundry, and suddenly I was stuck with the realization that I have to get up at 6 a.m., and my bed time was fast approaching (and passing me by).

As I “folded” semi-damp clothing, pondering what I could do real easy, and real quick before bed, I realized that I wanted to make a donation to a suicide prevention program. My coworker told a story at work today that completely threw me off track, bringing memories of my friend Jenny to the front my mind (she killed herself about two years ago). Unfortunately, I’m not sure what these googled suicide prevention programs do. Their outdated websites make we wary. I know there are suicide prevention strategies that take money, but I want to know specifically where my money is going. I’m about to jump in the Polar Plunge (stay tuned) because I know that the organization is reputable.

So, I ask all of you internet folk: Do you know of any good ol reputable depression/suicide prevention/awareness groups.

A lifetime bucket list item of mine is to help others fight depression (especially at an early age).

Anyways, since I didn’t really follow through on anything special I did the same thing today. I read, and I wrote.


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