Day 70: Attended a WIN Breakfast

This morning WIN had a networking breakfast.

I really can’t function in the morning (I found out a few months ago that I have a sleep disorder [think narcoleptic without the seizing and rapid falling asleep]), but I met some great people, ate some eggs-n-stuff, and watched a great presentation by Barbara Zuleger called “How to Bust Through the Bottleneck in Your Business.”

It was a great and informative presentation, and I would share the highlights here, but my sleepy morning self forgot a pen, and I didn’t take notes. (And my sleepy evening self can’t remember.)

I left the event feeling pretty darn energetic–ready to conquer, and ready to break some bottlenecks.


And I met Dajon, of Dajon Smiles. Her business really caught my attention. I mean, it’s got “smile” in the name (imagine me waving around my arm, pointing to the “smile” tattoo on my wrist). The card above is part of a deck that she gave me. I’ll be taking photos of my favorite cards on my instagram account (follow me at kturn283).


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