Blog Revamp

So I’ve been thinking that this whole blog-a-day thing really sucks when I don’t have money to do anything real cool, quite often (as I originally planned). HELLO student loan payments. It makes me feel really guilty when I come home from work, and all I want to do is read, or do something I’ve already done this year (and would no longer be a “good” post)–no bueno. So, I’m switching things up. I’m still going to post “photoworthy” stuff, but it’s not going to be quite so regular (but hopefully it will be more “legit”). I’ll share happy-making Minnesota activities, but the 365 slices of bliss part is being dropped. I mean, let’s be honest…not every day can be “blissful” in an internet photo-posting sense.


Cool. Whew–I’m glad we did this.




One thought on “Blog Revamp

  1. I was curious how long it would take you to come to this. I’m not implying you did anything wrong with your 365 day endeavor, just that kind of pressure would drive a person mad. I mean, why do blissful moments have to be a chore? Go out and find something magnificent to do or let the world down, that stress is no bueno. I think that if you want to read a book, then read a flippin book! You want to nap, then nap the crap out of napping! What makes you special is what is noteworthy and immensely more fascinating than forced activities that may cause you mental or emotional turmoil just to please internet phantoms. Why not just smile and be happy? I found that when you don’t look for unique moments or activities, they’ll find you. Here’s for the best on the new attempt.

    While I’m on the subject of your blog however, you really surprised me with your drawing and painting skills. It was most impressive. Also, on your blurry budget list, that last item, do you really own a monkey?! It reads monkey to me. Is the cat half monkey? Okay I’m being silly and dumb. Bye.

    Noname McGee

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