Crayon-Melt Art


Craft club anyone?

This month we took a crack at the ever so popular pinterest-heavy crayon art.

Thank gawd Elise brought an old sheet to put on the table. It takes a while for the crayons to heat up, but when they do, the wax goes a-flyin. It also moves in whatever direction it wants.


We really had no idea what to expect (except that we thought it would be easier!).

Bring out the lighter/candles, and we had a hybrid and annoying process.

Hello–how does one keep a candle lit with multiple blowdryers going?!


Beth and Elise went the “firework” route.



Krista had a hybrid process of candle-melting, and blow-dry spreading.

I wanted to take a stab at pointillism like these examples. I love drawing this way. Here’s a high school ink drawing of mine:


Only, it didn’t work–at all.



My inspiration was this.

Long after Elise and Beth left, I continued to work on this wax project, picking up the blow dryer and lighter in an attempt to salvage. After burnt thumbs and an oath to revisit later, I created this:


And of course Jillian came over after the other two gals left, and flipping made TWO great canvas’s in no time at all. Beth and Elise, you would be sick.



It was stressful. It was painful. But I NEED to keep working on that dumb thing until it’s as good as I can get it (or until I completely lose feeling in my thumbs).


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