My Last Post


I’m wrapping the blog up.

And you know, a part of me feels like I’ve “failed,” since I set out to do something “photoworthy” every day for a year, and quit about 1/3 of the way through. And while I originally thought this challenge would help me get out of the apartment and LIVE (which it did, sometimes), it really helped me better understand happy-moments, and personal growth, and that you need to work on it every day.

You can’t take a photo of an emotion. If I have a horrid day–the “mean reds”–and I function through it (accept the feeling and keep functioning versus drinking as I was making a habit of), that’s huge! It’s also not photoworthy.

So I stopped the daily challenge.

And then I promised a sporadic blog, filled with great activities here and there.

And then I moved to an apartment with no internet–and it’s incredibly perfect.

Being disconnected in my evenings and weekends is unbelievably GOOD for me. So, I’m giving up any posting on this blog. I appreciate every reader’s support, and tolerance for my quick unedited writing.

Here’s to happiness (and sadness, and the whole spectrum of human emotion); here’s to accepting oneself, striving for betterment (of all things), and to learning. That’s the biggin–I’ve learned so much.

If you DO want to stay connected, follow my twitter at @katyturner16 and/or my instagram at kturn283.


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