About the Project

Photoworthy is about living each day to its fullest. For one year, I will attempt to do a “photoworthy” activity each day, and post it to this blog. Some activities will have to be simple after a long day at work, others fall on on the weekend, so could take up more time and energy.

A year is a long time, and as someone who is currently divulging in Netflix almost every night,  activities can take more energy than my couch-sitting self is used to. Ideas can be hard to come by (especially when budget is a key-factor), so please share what you come up with. Have you done something that you absolutely loved? Let me know so I can try it too! Want to join the “Photoworthy” community? Like the Facebook page today (“Photoworthy: 365 Slices of Bliss”), and share your “Photoworthy” news on Twitter via #photoworthy.


Katy Jo

1 thought on “About the Project

  1. I hope to start receiving your blog every day at work. I need something to look forward to at work. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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