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Day 80: Attended Good Leadership Breakfast

This morning I attended the Good Leadership Breakfast.

It was early.

I forgot my “awake medicine” in the car, and was beyond tired. I can’t believe I took so long to get to a sleep expert (and get diagnosed with a sleep disorder).

Anyways, the highlight of the event was toward the end. Everybody was encouraged to put a donation in a bucket in the middle of the table (my boss spotted me some bucks), along with a business card. Then, they counted the money, grabbed one of the business cards, and called that person to the front of the room. She then got to choose what organization the money went to.

The donation amount was in the thousands.

I can’t remember how much, or to what charity it went.

I was sleepy remember?



Day 36: Thanked an Olympian in My Life

So I may not have watched the start of the Olympics. But I did use this exciting time as inspiration to thank an “olympian” in my life. (This idea was in February’s benicebox.)


So I wrote a letter.

My dad is my best friend.

He is my role model.

He is my go-to person.

I hope he knows how much I appreciate and depend on him, but it doesn’t hurt to remind him.

(Spencer wrote to her “Mommy Dearest.”)

Who’s your “olympian”?

Day 23: Wrote an Apology Letter (Handwriting Day)

So, my blog posts have been stacking up.

I’m just going to shove this one online and be done with it.

I have no photos, since this letter was very personal. I used “Handwriting Day,” as an excuse to finally write an apology letter I had been putting off. I also checked off the benicebox‘s task of “forgiving someone…” myself. I can now say that I’ve done what I can, and I need to move on (and heal).


Day 15: Gave Flowers

When I asked for some photoworthy ideas, Keyana told me to “send flowers or a gift to a friend or family member just because.” And this was a great idea.

Only, it wouldn’t be “just because.” Every friend or family member deserves flowers. (Sounds a bit corny, I know.)

One person in particular deserved a special thanks.

My sister Beth has always been a great friend. She’s my “huntin’ buddy,” she helps me with my budget (as in she does EVERYTHING), and she pretty much saved me this past year.

It was the hardest year of my life, and when I needed her she was there, sleeping over on my uncomfortable couch, reminding me that even if I didn’t love myself, she did.

I’m so lucky to have you Beth.


P.S. I went to Pletscher’s Greenhouse. I picked up a bouquet and brought it to my sister, since she lived real close, and it would have cost $8 to deliver. There’s also that delivery complication associated with apartment buildings.

Who are you going to send flowers to?

Day 9: After-work Drinks/Apps (Cowboy Jacks)


A couple of weeks before the holiday break, I met up with my old friend Stephanie. We grew up together (she calls me Katy Jo, an indicator that she’s known me awhile). Our friendship sort of dissolved when we got impatient with each other a few years back.

And then time passed, and we realized that it was time to reconnect and forget about the foolishness of the past. Good friends are hard to come by.

So tonight I met up with Stephanie again, and we went to Cowboy Jacks for some drinks and an appetizer.

It was packed  when I got there. Stephanie was running late due to traffic, so I high-tailed it to  the bar. Then I just stood there awkwardly, too dazed from the pace of things, trying to shake off the computer-coma from work, shrug off my uber long scarf, and take off my faux-fur coat that was making me self-conscious in this low-key place. Luckily, some lady at the bar got the bartender’s attention for me, and the beer helped me relax while I waited.

When Steph showed up, we got a booth (after our buzzer finally went off), and we ordered some nachos.

886190_10152216221782845_515689373_oAnd we took a “shot” of jalepenos. 1039925_10152216222212845_223452559_oAnd Steph snuck this gem of me mowing-down.  1554477_10152216222412845_1541680459_n 

And my revenge shot just made her look cute.1511565_10152216222982845_1457914499_n1599823_10152216221582845_1972581033_o

And all this was topped off by our front row seats to the bull-riding.904467_10152216221077845_1859909956_o

Oh, and one more thing.

I’m doing the Polar Plunge with the Cowboy Jacks team this year. The event raises money for the Special Olympics. I need to raise at least $75 to get the reward of jumping into a frigid winter lake. So, if you have a dollar to spare (every.single.bit.helps.), please pledge my leap here.

polarIf you send me your contact info, I’ll be sure to send donators a photo of me jumping (like this one.) Or, a picture of my horrified expression exiting the lake.

Day 2: Be Nice

So, I was wondering what I was going to do today for two reasons:  First, I have $15 in my checking account, and second, I have to finish a writing project tonight (and yes it’s already 8:30 p.m.–eek!). Luckily, I got something in the mail today:  my benicebox . I met the woman who started this “Minnesota Nice” project at a networking event, and immediately signed myself up for a box a month for the year.  So, for today’s photoworthy project, I was simply nice. And.I.feel.great.


Pickle looking not so nice.


2014-01-02 07.53.482014-01-02 07.53.54

Decorating the foyer of the apartment building. (That’s one of those posters you tear a section off of when interested in something. They are usually in laundromats advertising crappy djs, or in pet store selling cute lil guinea pigs.)

2014-01-02 07.53.58       2014-01-02 07.54.10


And then I decided to kill two birds with one stone. My roommate and I wrote thank you letters to the postal workers AND told them how awesome they were  by giving them a little crocheted star.


2014-01-02 08.11.282014-01-02 08.18.042014-01-02 08.18.022014-01-02 08.17.542014-01-02 08.10.16 2014-01-02 08.10.09

And my accomplice, who cannot–not blink.

 2014-01-02 08.10.23 2014-01-02 08.10.45