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Day 58: Made Stroganoff

It’s kind of dumb that I made my first slow-cooker meal in years…when I had the day off.

It’s also kind of dumb that I didn’t do anything all day besides lay on the couch and occasionally lift my head to sniff the air, waiting for dinner to be done cooking itself.




Mix from momma’s cupboards.Image


Lactose (I just can’t stay away). I also added sour cream before serving.Image


Egg noodles (they cook ridiculously fast).Image

Leftover beans that passed the “is this still edible” sniff test.Image

Lunch and dinner for a week.

Day 46: Celebrated My Momma’s B-day

My mom’s birthday was on Feb. 7, but she was in Arizona, so we had yet to celebrate. My Dad and I baked her a cake while my sister drove her home from the airport. We wanted to add a little creativity to the simple cake mix, so we got all fancy and chopped up some Snickers–haha!


(My mom made this face not knowing that we had too. We’re the same!)DSC_0635ImageImageImage

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!