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Crayon-Melt Art


Craft club anyone?

This month we took a crack at the ever so popular pinterest-heavy crayon art.

Thank gawd Elise brought an old sheet to put on the table. It takes a while for the crayons to heat up, but when they do, the wax goes a-flyin. It also moves in whatever direction it wants.


We really had no idea what to expect (except that we thought it would be easier!).

Bring out the lighter/candles, and we had a hybrid and annoying process.

Hello–how does one keep a candle lit with multiple blowdryers going?!


Beth and Elise went the “firework” route.



Krista had a hybrid process of candle-melting, and blow-dry spreading.

I wanted to take a stab at pointillism like these examples. I love drawing this way. Here’s a high school ink drawing of mine:


Only, it didn’t work–at all.



My inspiration was this.

Long after Elise and Beth left, I continued to work on this wax project, picking up the blow dryer and lighter in an attempt to salvage. After burnt thumbs and an oath to revisit later, I created this:


And of course Jillian came over after the other two gals left, and flipping made TWO great canvas’s in no time at all. Beth and Elise, you would be sick.



It was stressful. It was painful. But I NEED to keep working on that dumb thing until it’s as good as I can get it (or until I completely lose feeling in my thumbs).

Day 84: Worked on My Happiness Board

So a few days ago I started working on the happiness board (something I can look at to cheer up, or a way to start each day with the things I love–things that make me HAPPY), but I didn’t have enough materials to fill it up. Well, today I stole some magazines from work, and added a few more to a pile of clippings atop a bulletin board in the middle of our living room floor. (You’re welcome roommate.)

Soon, I will add more images (it’s a little heavy on the food–food magazines). Then, preferably the happiness board won’t be a toe-stub hazard (which isn’t very happy-making), and will be displayed in my room.


Day 63: “The Holiday” and Painted Vases (Again)

Ok, so I’ve been painting vases A LOT. It allows me to sit down and watch a movie/be lazy AND do something I enjoy. When the movie/show is over, I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time. And, unlike writing, I can do this creative activity without being fully engaged.

So, again, I painted vases. This time while watching The Holiday. I love this movie. Not for its acting (ahem, what happened Kate Winslet?), not for its plot, but for the little old man character and the consistent reference to “gumption.” That’s what I need…gumption.

DSC_0711 DSC_0704 DSC_0706 DSC_0707

Day 51: Pizza/Cookies/Sketches

Tonight I stayed at my friend Spencer’s apartment. We watch How to Marry a Millionaire, and ordered pizza. She also made cookies (that I ate), and I sketched a weird Marilyn while she worked on her graphic design stuff. I’ll probably use it for some stationary–haha!



For a Friday night, it was pretty cheap.

Day 49: Painted Some Vases

Just another day of the poor life.

Instead of going out for Mexican food and margaritas like I wished for (I mean c’mon, it’s perfect weather for it), I stayed home, slapped together a turkey sandy, and dug out the paints.

I had a bunch clear vases stocked up, so I coated them with a layer of paint, and even got to detailing one of them.ImageImageImageImage

And yes, I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys…again.