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Day 97: Roommate Bonding Time

It was SUCH a nice day out. I wanted to walk to a restaurant and sit out on a patio. So I came home, and forced my hungover roommate to go on an Uptown adventure with me. We walked to Pat’s Tap, and ended up sitting inside. The patio was in the shade, and it’s just not that warm yet. They have good bloody 4 (20)I’m SO ready to live alone, but I sure am going to miss this 1 (22)photo 3 (26)After our bloodies, we walked to Uptown Tavern, my stinking gravity hole of bars. I always end up there, and I am rarely impressed (I think it’s just a vibe thing). For the first time ever, we ventured to the “game-y” section of the bar where we played big game hunter (I’m obsessed with this game!) and beer 5 (18) Then we walked back to the apartment to watch Frozenphoto 4 (19) And we found a cat along the 3 (25)


Day 93: Gave My Landlords Notice

Today I talked with my lovely roommate about moving into my own place.

I was looking at all my “problems” and I found that a big thing I could change, that would no doubt trickle down and positively affect other areas of my life, is my living situation.

I really enjoy living with my roommate. We get along great. But I really need my own space.

I also need an apartment where I feel safe.

And one that isn’t falling apart.

And, the biggie: I need to live near a grocery store; one with a parking lot.

So I let my landlords know that I’m out of here in 60 days, and now I’m apartment searching.

And don’t worry, if they don’t allow cats, I have a friend lined up for my Picklebreath.


Day 77: Went to a Childish Gambino Concert

My roommate and I went to the Childish Gambino concert.

It was ok–a lot of angry teenagers who didn’t understand why we had to keep coming and going to get more beer. It also smelled like a giant pot bubble.

We did make friends with the bartenders though, and grabbed some Buffalo Wild Wings with them after the show.


His stuff is explicit and offensive (I’m warning you), but check it out here.

Day 66: Spent Time With a Wild Man

Casey was in town for the MN Deer Classic (he lives up North in the woods), so we went out on the town.

We went to Williams, which I love (they come in pints!, lots of pool, peanut shells on the floor, and the $2 Chicago dogs), but then Casey wanted to dance. So I said, “there is one place to dance in Uptown, but it’s a little sketchy.”

But we went anyway.

When we walked in, they were playing crappy music (again and again and again). So I walked to the DJ (aka I weaved through a hoard of sweaty bodies) and requested a song.

Then they kept playing more bad songs, and Casey wanted to go to another bar. “We need to dance to Usher, and then we can leave,” I demanded.

When Usher finally came on and I wanted to skip to the dance floor, only I never really had the opportunity to get there, only pivot toward it because suddenly people were flying and a full out brawl was breaking out. One man picked up a stool and smashed it over the other person. Wood chips were flying. People were flying. And then the lights were on, cops were inside, and people were getting yelled at to “get out.” When we walked outside, we were immediately blinded by a spotlight in the sky (helicopter), and the flashing cop lights that lined the street (shutting the whole road down).

“I told you it was a little sketchy,” I snickered. “Now let’s go back to Williams for one last hot dog.”


Day 53: Happy Hour Sushi

Initially my sister and I were going to go thrift shopping after she got off work. Only not a lot of places are open on Sundays. So, naturally, we went out for sushi instead.

And again, naturally, we forgot to take photos.

So here are a few car snapshots that were taken before I jumped out onto the icy sidewalk, and ran back indoors to my blanket and couch.ImageImageImage

(We went to Wakame in Uptown. They have happy hour sushi and drinks until 6:00p.m. We got there at 4:30ish, right before a huge rush of people.)

Day 43: Went to MinneDemo

After work, I went to MinneDemo. My boss told me about it (he bought the ticket), and encouraged me to attend.

There were a lot of people there, packed together to hear about the newest innovations. There was free food (veggies and dip), and a free drink (if only they didn’t charge for parking).


I tried small talk with some strangers, and it was really uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s because of the differences in “smarts.” I mean, I’m a words person. I think the only reason I could hold a conversation at all, was because I have a bachelor of science, and/or because I was wearing a dress. Ugh.

The presentations were pretty cool, although I think some were a bit delusional. I’m too “meh” to go into it here. Check out the speaker’s topics here.

Oh, and everyone should know not to chew gum during a presentation, right?