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Day 46: Celebrated My Momma’s B-day

My mom’s birthday was on Feb. 7, but she was in Arizona, so we had yet to celebrate. My Dad and I baked her a cake while my sister drove her home from the airport. We wanted to add a little creativity to the simple cake mix, so we got all fancy and chopped up some Snickers–haha!


(My mom made this face not knowing that we had too. We’re the same!)DSC_0635ImageImageImage

Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!

Day 44: Sent Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day or Single’s Awareness Day!

Today I sent out the valentines I made on Day 29 (yes, I realize I did this a bit late).

I also got some valentines myself. One from the parents, one from my sister Beth, and two from unknown sources.


Who doesn’t sign a card?

(And P.S., if you want to be alluring, shout to the world “I am not dating!”)


Day 41: Avoided Starvation

On Day 28, my card was declined. Since then, I’ve been coasting by, eating old bread and bloody-mary condiments from the fridge. I almost made it to payday (this Thursday), but then a loan needed payment, the energy bill went through, and the car needed more gas. Suddenly I had 87 cents in my account.

I haven’t eaten much in the last three days, and when my sister found out how bad it was (thanks a lot dad), she brought over some subs. She even bought me one for lunch tomorrow.

I’ve been teary for awhile, from the hunger, from the embarrassment, from the kindness of my family, but this is good. I need to stop living with the idea that I can order in when I like. I need to follow my budget, and I need to prioritize what entertainment I’m willing (and able) to pay for.Image

Day 36: Thanked an Olympian in My Life

So I may not have watched the start of the Olympics. But I did use this exciting time as inspiration to thank an “olympian” in my life. (This idea was in February’s benicebox.)


So I wrote a letter.

My dad is my best friend.

He is my role model.

He is my go-to person.

I hope he knows how much I appreciate and depend on him, but it doesn’t hurt to remind him.

(Spencer wrote to her “Mommy Dearest.”)

Who’s your “olympian”?