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Day 102: Started Waitressing (Again)

Well, ya’ll know I’m on a bit of a budget. And now that I’m moving into my own place (which means higher rent),  I’ve been put back on the schedule for Marie’s. Whoop! (I really am excited. Marie is my best friend’s aunt, aka the crew is practically my second family.)

So I gave myself a pep talk to step back into the waitressing ring.



Kevin sure can fix a mean drink.

maries3.jpgmaries8.jpgAnd to top the night off, I got to sit on the other side of the bar, and catch up with the wonderful Christine.


Day 97: Roommate Bonding Time

It was SUCH a nice day out. I wanted to walk to a restaurant and sit out on a patio. So I came home, and forced my hungover roommate to go on an Uptown adventure with me. We walked to Pat’s Tap, and ended up sitting inside. The patio was in the shade, and it’s just not that warm yet. They have good bloody 4 (20)I’m SO ready to live alone, but I sure am going to miss this 1 (22)photo 3 (26)After our bloodies, we walked to Uptown Tavern, my stinking gravity hole of bars. I always end up there, and I am rarely impressed (I think it’s just a vibe thing). For the first time ever, we ventured to the “game-y” section of the bar where we played big game hunter (I’m obsessed with this game!) and beer 5 (18) Then we walked back to the apartment to watch Frozenphoto 4 (19) And we found a cat along the 3 (25)

Day 88: Enjoyed the Weather (Went For a Spring Walk)

Most of the time (when I’m not in the woods or on the water), I wonder why I live in Minnesota.

I need more sunshine.

Well today, to celebrate the warmth and the sensation of actually wanting to move (and not lay curled up in bed all day), I took a walk with my friend Spencer.


We walked around a lake, dodging the mad sidewalk rivers from all the melting snow. We chatted, and returned to the apartment with smiles on our faces.


And a pathetic burn in our leg muscles.


Day 51: Pizza/Cookies/Sketches

Tonight I stayed at my friend Spencer’s apartment. We watch How to Marry a Millionaire, and ordered pizza. She also made cookies (that I ate), and I sketched a weird Marilyn while she worked on her graphic design stuff. I’ll probably use it for some stationary–haha!



For a Friday night, it was pretty cheap.