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Day 89: Procrastinated

So, the deadline for my “Minnesota Sporting Journal” article is tomorrow.

I woke up late, putzed around, lost my cat, found my cat, ate a crap ton of oreos, and wrote approximately 500 sloppy first-draft words–yikes.

I don’t get it.

I always do this.

Whelp, guess who’s waking up early tomorrow?


On a positive note, I made a donation to my friend Brooke’s “Bike MS” campaign. All size donations help (there’s a button to put in your own amount on her page).


Day 59: Jumped in Lake Calhoun (Polar Plunge)

On Day 9, I mentioned I was doing the Polar Plunge. I raised $110, dressed up in cowboy garb (if you can count foam hats and leggings), and stepped off the dock again this year.


I was thrilled to have another occasion to wear my shotgun shell earrings.plungeplunge2plunge3plungeadd