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Day 90: Writing Wrap Up and Simultaneous Hair Dye

I mentioned yesterday that I still had a lot of writing to do today (for the next issue of “The Minnesota Sporting Journal”).

So, yep, I did that.

Maybe I keep waiting until the last minute because that’s when I come up with my best stuff. <<Shrug>> I guess that deadline breathing down my neck really helps.

I also dyed my hair. I was born a little blondie. I started coloring it in college, and many shades later I landed–and stayed–on black. For now at least.



ImageMaroonish chunks


This is what happens when you try to go back.


Pink side chunksImagePlain ol brownImagePurply endsImageand back to black.ImageImage


Oh, and wait and see for the article. I’m thinking you should subscribe to the magazine (it’s only $18/yr!).

You can check out some of my other articles here (page 38), and here (page 44).

I promise I write better for that, than I do for this blog. 🙂


Day 51: Pizza/Cookies/Sketches

Tonight I stayed at my friend Spencer’s apartment. We watch How to Marry a Millionaire, and ordered pizza. She also made cookies (that I ate), and I sketched a weird Marilyn while she worked on her graphic design stuff. I’ll probably use it for some stationary–haha!



For a Friday night, it was pretty cheap.

Day 36: Thanked an Olympian in My Life

So I may not have watched the start of the Olympics. But I did use this exciting time as inspiration to thank an “olympian” in my life. (This idea was in February’s benicebox.)


So I wrote a letter.

My dad is my best friend.

He is my role model.

He is my go-to person.

I hope he knows how much I appreciate and depend on him, but it doesn’t hurt to remind him.

(Spencer wrote to her “Mommy Dearest.”)

Who’s your “olympian”?

Day 29: Made Valentine’s Day Cards

For day 29, I used a “craft club” session (a little group of friends that gets together once a month to do crafts), to make Valentine’s Day cards.Image

Pickle had a boyfriend once. (Pickle’s above, Lindsay’s below. [although Lindsay has a boyfriend too…I think…Lindsay, you have a boyfriend right?])ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Marie Antoinette guinea pig card. ImageImageImage

Beth’s paint-mixing skills leave much to be desired. Haha–love ya gurlllll!Image

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