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Day 72: Cleaned Out the Gmail Account

Three hours later I’ve gone from 10,000 emails to 300.

I had totally given up on the account–too much accumulated junk mail from when I didn’t give a damn about anything up north. Now that I have a new phone (eyebrow wiggle) that is connected to all of my email accounts, I am forced to organize (because why would I want all that crap carried around with me all day)?


Day 47: Conquered “The Dishes” (Say in Dramatic Voice)

They just kept building.

And finally–since I didn’t have any fun “photoworthy” thing to do–I decided to stop avoiding, and start scrubbing. It took 1.5 hours. ImageImage

I bought a new one of these, so hopefully this mountain of nast won’t happen again.

Day 40: Organized My Computer Files

Today I organized my computer files.

And by organized, I mean I made a folder called “random crap,” and I put all kinds of files into it.

Today’s idea was from February’s benicebox.

And here’s a photo of Pickle, my poor slob cat (I’m watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the third day in a row).


Day 20: Put Up Photographs

Tonight, I decorated the apartment with the photos I ordered at the beginning of the month.

We obviously still need a bookcase.2014-01-20 08.53.08And some new frames.2014-01-20 08.53.20And we need to dust.2014-01-20 08.55.02But, the apartment is starting to look like a home. 2014-01-20 08.55.442014-01-20 08.56.45 And don’t worry, you don’t have to say it. Pickle already told me the frames are crooked.2014-01-20 08.54.24

Day 1: Dejunking the Car

It’s the first day of the new year, so cleaning up 2013’s crap seemed like a logical task to start off the “Photoworthy” project.

I “dejunked” my car. That means, I put a bunch of junk I want to keep (but didn’t belong in a car) in bags, and brought them inside, and I got rid of four bags of trash (how did I not die from Redbull consumption?). Yes, I know I’m a dirtbag. Saying I “dejunked,” means I did not vacuum or scrub anything (which needs to be done). My toes were too chilly in their rubber boots, and my back seat quickly filled up with boxes to help a friend move (so no vacuuming allowed). But–but!–my car could technically hold passengers now. Plus, I can use car-detailing as another day’s project.


Trunk contents:

  • Typewriter
  • Dangerously high heels (x’s 2)
  • Cowboy hat
  • Chair massager
  • Computer printer
  • More junk


Backseat contents:

  • Softball stuff
  • Wedding cards (that, uh, were supposed to be given)
  • Cups (x’s a zillion)
  • Shoes (x’s 5)
  • Tupperware that will be scary to open
  • More junk



Apparently the build up of junk started with my trip to CUSA last summer; makes sense.

I have a trash bag in my car now. I’m going to work real hard to live by the saying, that if you can do it in under a minute, don’t put it off. Let’s see if I can keep this baby clean for the rest of the year!