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Day 87: Read, Snuggled, Relaxed

Ok. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough. I should go out more. I should see more people. I should explore. And I shouldn’t lounge about so often.

Well today I thought “screw that.”

After a lot of budgeting, and a week of applying for part time jobs, I realize that my weekends are going to change drastically again. I’ve done it before, the work, work, work, and more work…and it didn’t work out (for my happiness). But, I know that I have to do it again. I can’t afford not to.

Anyways, I know how much it sucks, and in the midst of an overworked and scrambled and exhausted mind, it isn’t the “exciting stuff” that miss most, but the energy to open a book and read without my eyes drooping shut.

So, this Friday night, I read, I snuggled (with Pickle), and I relaxed.

photo 3 (12)

I reread “Specials” for the zillionth time. A great final book in the “Uglies” trilogy.


Day 27: Took a Tea Break

I worked from home today. I’m still sick. I remembered that one of my benicebox tasks, was to give someone a tea break, so I went all selfish and made myself some.

And then I was too sick to drink more than a sip.



Day 22: Watched a TED Talk

Ok, so once again, I’ve abused the “theme” of this blog, and chose an activity that isn’t “photoworthy.” As in, it would be really freaking weird if I took a picture of me doing it.

Like today’s TED talk watching.

But whatever. The whole point in this blog, is to do something awesome every day, whether it is awesome because it’s exciting or new, or because it’a pushing me forward, toward a more awesome self.

And I think TED talks do that.

They are short and informative, and I’m going to try to watch one every day during the work week.

Here’s the one I watched today. And here’s a list of popular TED talks to check out. Enjoy!

And read this one on depression too.


P.S. If you’re like me, and websites with a ton of options overwhelm you (YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE!), follow @TEDtalks on Twitter, and just watch whatever one posts around the time you are available. It will keep things fresh too–inspire you to learn about a topic you would normally skip.

While your at it, find @photoworthy yah?

Day 19: Celebrated “Popcorn Day”

I didn’t do anything all day (except lie in bed, and wonder how the people above me can vacuum a room for so long). It was tough to drag myself out of the apartment to go to my sister’s place across town. (And, the “warm” weather made me feel so incredibly guilty for staying inside all day.) But, I did it.

I left the apartment, I socialized, I ate the dinner she made me, and then I made stove-top popcorn in honor of “popcorn day.”

I knew about the day because of my benicebox list (I also got the kernels in my January box). Again, gotta love it.

popcorn2014-01-19 06.53.21 Step 1: kernels2014-01-19 07.28.462014-01-19 07.28.27 Step 2: Vegetable or Canola oil (enough to coat the kernels).

Step 3: Heat over medium-high heat.2014-01-19 07.35.01 Step 4: Shake em around a bit until they start to pop. Have a lid ready to cover, or they will fly everywhere. Even though the dramatics seem worth it, hot oily kernels don’t feel good.2014-01-19 08.27.10That’s supposed to be a picture of my kernel-burn.2014-01-19 07.36.10 Tada!2014-01-19 07.38.26Yum.

Day 13: Painted (acrylic)

When I came home from work, I wanted to sit. I also wanted to have a movie on, but I didn’t want to just sit and watch a movie like usual.2014-01-13 06.49.12So I rummaged through my stuff and found some old acrylic paint from back when I wanted to be the next Mary Cassatt.2014-01-13 06.49.18And I dug out the brushes I bought for a craft night with friends.2014-01-13 06.49.29And I realized, that I don’t really know how to mix the shade of brown (only a dark purple, or a puke green).


I wish I would have used a color wheel while I was painting (instead of looking it up now). I wasted a lot of paint. I’m kinda embarrassed.

And I was incredibly thankful that acrylic paint can be painted over and over and over–white swipes over old mistakes.2014-01-13 08.18.09To be continued…

Day 7: CD-Mixin’

Ok, so this isn’t “photoworthy.” You can’t take a picture of music. Sure, you can take a photo of someone dancing, but I wasn’t doing that. I was sitting for approximately five hours, rubbing my eye makeup all over my face, waiting for my cds to finish burning in my slow computer.


But, it was something I wanted/needed to get done. I just wish I wouldn’t have to keep doing it in the future.

I needed some new upbeat music for running.

Some positive fall-to’s for my blue days.

Some country twang for the road trips.

And it was fun to put some little gifts together for friends.



Day 6: Cuddled

Today was cold. It was also Cuddle Up Day, so how could I resist a night in a blanket burrito?ImageStep 1:  Something to nosh on.ImageStep 2: An activity that requires lounging.ImageStep 3: A cuddle buddy.ImageAnd Voila! You have a successful Cuddle Up Day!

And just to spare you, the movie we saw (“Crazy Kind of Love”), was no bueno. It was all “oh hey I’m a free spirited girl, I jump in puddles.” And then it was like “well hey free spirited girl, I’m a troubled boy.” Throw in a few subplots that fall as equally flat, and you have the movie. Meh. Meh. Meh.

Well, I’m still cold, and it’s not time for bed yet, so I think I’ll dive into the bed blankets, pick up my stuffed animal turkey, and end this special day by finishing my current novel, Wool.ImageStay warm people (in your heart too).Image