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Day 97: Roommate Bonding Time

It was SUCH a nice day out. I wanted to walk to a restaurant and sit out on a patio. So I came home, and forced my hungover roommate to go on an Uptown adventure with me. We walked to Pat’s Tap, and ended up sitting inside. The patio was in the shade, and it’s just not that warm yet. They have good bloody 4 (20)I’m SO ready to live alone, but I sure am going to miss this 1 (22)photo 3 (26)After our bloodies, we walked to Uptown Tavern, my stinking gravity hole of bars. I always end up there, and I am rarely impressed (I think it’s just a vibe thing). For the first time ever, we ventured to the “game-y” section of the bar where we played big game hunter (I’m obsessed with this game!) and beer 5 (18) Then we walked back to the apartment to watch Frozenphoto 4 (19) And we found a cat along the 3 (25)


Day 66: Spent Time With a Wild Man

Casey was in town for the MN Deer Classic (he lives up North in the woods), so we went out on the town.

We went to Williams, which I love (they come in pints!, lots of pool, peanut shells on the floor, and the $2 Chicago dogs), but then Casey wanted to dance. So I said, “there is one place to dance in Uptown, but it’s a little sketchy.”

But we went anyway.

When we walked in, they were playing crappy music (again and again and again). So I walked to the DJ (aka I weaved through a hoard of sweaty bodies) and requested a song.

Then they kept playing more bad songs, and Casey wanted to go to another bar. “We need to dance to Usher, and then we can leave,” I demanded.

When Usher finally came on and I wanted to skip to the dance floor, only I never really had the opportunity to get there, only pivot toward it because suddenly people were flying and a full out brawl was breaking out. One man picked up a stool and smashed it over the other person. Wood chips were flying. People were flying. And then the lights were on, cops were inside, and people were getting yelled at to “get out.” When we walked outside, we were immediately blinded by a spotlight in the sky (helicopter), and the flashing cop lights that lined the street (shutting the whole road down).

“I told you it was a little sketchy,” I snickered. “Now let’s go back to Williams for one last hot dog.”


Day 53: Happy Hour Sushi

Initially my sister and I were going to go thrift shopping after she got off work. Only not a lot of places are open on Sundays. So, naturally, we went out for sushi instead.

And again, naturally, we forgot to take photos.

So here are a few car snapshots that were taken before I jumped out onto the icy sidewalk, and ran back indoors to my blanket and couch.ImageImageImage

(We went to Wakame in Uptown. They have happy hour sushi and drinks until 6:00p.m. We got there at 4:30ish, right before a huge rush of people.)

Day 28: Went to Dick’s Last Resort

My friend Vanessa recommended I go to Dick’s Last Resort. I think I’ve been there once before, but that was back when I had blonde hair (aka was a prude).

I thought I could hold my own this time, and maybe not blush down to my toes.

You see, the wait staff are jerks. People seriously pay to be made fun of. You have to wear this diaper hat that says offensive things on it too. And normally it’s a blast (if you’re with the right people)…but I was still sick. And after two days of “lame” activities,” I forced myself to keep this date.

You know when you realize half-way through a joke that you’re telling it wrong, but it’s too late to stop, so you just keep plowing ahead, knowing the punch line is going to be filled with your uncomfortable laugh, or if you’re like me, an awkward noise? Yeah, somehow accept that as an explanation to how I felt all night. Like I was telling a bad joke.

And my hearing was still all weird from “the illness,” so I couldn’t hear half of the insults. I just kept an offended frown on my face, you know, so the wait staff felt comfortable.

ImageImageImageWorst of all…WORST OF ALL, my card got declined.

At Dick’s Last Resort.

A restaurant where they are paid to be ass holes.


Day 25: Spontaneous Sushi

My day was spent on the road, driving back from my weekend up north.

And as I drove, I craved sushi.

So I decided I was going to eat some. We went to Kiku’s in Uptown. They had a happy hour deal…except it’s always happy hour. So, is that really a deal? (Plus I always order a million rolls and apps, so my bill came to over $30!)ImageOne mass text later, I had a few takers.ImageI had my go-to gals.ImageImageImageAnd a little later a few guys showed up. I hadn’t seen them in months (and I barely knew them), but I knew they lived in the area. And, this is how you make friends–right?!

I didn’t take any pictures of sushi, or the guys, because a.) I was using my friend’s phone since I have a shitty camera on mine, and b.) I was starting to get sick (blurry eyesight, migraine, upset stomach, etc.).

I went home to sleep, and I’m still feeling “off.” Poo.

Day 21: Had Dinner at Kramarcuk’s

Today my coworker and I went to Kramarcuk’s for some delicious grub after work.122_0124 Red Cabbage has got to be on my top ten favorite food list.122_0125The pyrohy’s were contenders for that list too. Why didn’t I order some to go? I could be eating in bed as I type this.

Oh and they have beer mugs for $3 when you order beer. What a steal! Especially when you need another beer mug (sigh/eye-roll).122_0126The food and service was superb (I will be back!). The trip to the restaurant–situated in downtown Minneapolis–was head-shake worthy (during the after-work rush hour), but it has a parking lot. So that was NICE. 

Oh and look what else we came across. The cookbook our work published. We knew we heard about this place before…122_0127 Now if only I could reach into the picture and grab a jar of that nutella…122_0128

Day 17: Went to a Suburb Bar

Weekends can be sort of stressful because exciting activities are expected. When I got home from work, I wanted to lay down and be lazy, and maybe go to bed at 8 p.m. But, I had to do something “photoworthy.” So, my roommate told me to take my dirtbag self and shower and get ready, that we were going to suburbia.

Spencer picked up some flavored vodka and sparkling water (fyi, this is a delicious drink that makes you stay hydrated too!), and came over. Then we tripped it out to the burbs (stayed at her sister’s house), and trekked to Wild Bill’s.

It was like an Ed Hardy explosion.


122_0105122_0106122_0117 At the end of the night, Elton John and Sweaty Cowboy showed up. Initially we tried to get a sneaky picture (“I’ll stand behind them, just pretend you’re taking a picture of me”).122_0120 Then I just jumped in there.122_0119 I tend to force photos on strangers.hallWe danced our butts off, sang (poorly…I really don’t know the lyrics to any songs), glass-clinked, and hip checked people who came too close to the hurricane that was us.122_0122And then we returned the next day for a bloody mary (which was pretty good). But really, we weren’t hungover–only tired. We think this is because of the drinks with water (instead of pop), the dancing, and the giant Toppers mac & cheese with bacon pizza we devoured before bed (and holy crap was that good).

Time to go raid the leftovers…