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Minnesota Sporting Journal

I’m anxiously awaiting the delivery of the newest “Minnesota Sporting Journal” issue. Before you see my excited gob holding up the hard-copy (since, no doubt, I will take photos), check out the winter issue here. It just became available to read online.

My article’s on page 13.



Day 95: Went to the Minnesota Book Awards

Today I got to glam up for two events. The first was the Minnesota Book Awards. There is nothing like the camaraderie of word lovers…and cheese plates…and free wine. The second event was the wrap-up party for the film I was an extra in. It was wonderful, and I got to break out my new super-long earrings.


Day 91: Planned, Prepared, Pushed

Today I planned, prepared, and pushed.

I planned my future book-writing routine, and bought a giant calendar (30 minutes a day deserves a red “x” baby!).

I prepared for future financial shtuff (applied for another dog-walking job).

And I pushed myself (emailed the magazine “American Hunter,” for possible writing opportunities).

Hmm. Not bad.

And now I need to write my book so I can fill this baby up!



Err…April that is.



Day 90: Writing Wrap Up and Simultaneous Hair Dye

I mentioned yesterday that I still had a lot of writing to do today (for the next issue of “The Minnesota Sporting Journal”).

So, yep, I did that.

Maybe I keep waiting until the last minute because that’s when I come up with my best stuff. <<Shrug>> I guess that deadline breathing down my neck really helps.

I also dyed my hair. I was born a little blondie. I started coloring it in college, and many shades later I landed–and stayed–on black. For now at least.



ImageMaroonish chunks


This is what happens when you try to go back.


Pink side chunksImagePlain ol brownImagePurply endsImageand back to black.ImageImage


Oh, and wait and see for the article. I’m thinking you should subscribe to the magazine (it’s only $18/yr!).

You can check out some of my other articles here (page 38), and here (page 44).

I promise I write better for that, than I do for this blog. 🙂

Day 89: Procrastinated

So, the deadline for my “Minnesota Sporting Journal” article is tomorrow.

I woke up late, putzed around, lost my cat, found my cat, ate a crap ton of oreos, and wrote approximately 500 sloppy first-draft words–yikes.

I don’t get it.

I always do this.

Whelp, guess who’s waking up early tomorrow?


On a positive note, I made a donation to my friend Brooke’s “Bike MS” campaign. All size donations help (there’s a button to put in your own amount on her page).

Day 71: Met Up With Uptown Writers

Once a month I have an “Uptown Writers” MeetUp. [I] [II]

I created it about six months ago to help writers create a writing habit (and stop procrastinating).

I created it for myself.

Today there are 52 members (6 Facebook group “likers”), with ten members actively supporting each other/paired up with an accountability partner. This may not seem like a lot, but I think this progress is awesome.

We went to Gigi’s again. I ordered a mushroom pizza (I give it a 6.5 out of 10), and an arnie palmer (and boom, I’m suddenly parched as I think about it). I paid with cash since my roommate just gave me her portion of the bills, and somehow, I’m afraid (so afraid) that I lost a $20 bill. I went back to the counter after I set my stuff down, and eyeballed the tip jar like a freak, checking to see if I accidentally stuck a $20 in there.

Anyways, I didn’t take any photos of the group (crappy phone and complete strangers), but Instagram does provide some evidence.


See, an arnie palmer.

…Four writers showed up tonight. One writer writes every morning at 5 a.m. before work. He has a six-month-old baby, and a full-time job. And he writes every morning. If that’s not motivation to get writing, I don’t know what is.

When I got back to the apartment, I tidied up the MeetUp page a bit. It’s amazing how much the group format and structure has changed since that first meeting:  evolution!