Day 104: Speaker Showcase

Today I went to MSAE’s Speaker Showcase event. And by went, I mean physically. My coherent, social self was left behind, rocking back and forth in a dark corner.

I wasn’t feeling well this morning, but I thought that maybe I was touched with exhaustion (waitressing during the day) and paranoia (since everyone at the parent’s house has been getting sick).

So I got up early and still went.

The venue was filled with delicious looking food, and great people to introduce myself to, but I was pretty lethargic, uncomfortable, and quiet throughout the entire thing. After a few bites of food my stomach would make threats or, my head would get dizzy. So, I didn’t really eat (and there was so much FOOD). Ugh.




Day 103: Uh Oh…

That’s right, I didn’t do anything “Photoworthy.” Unless, of course you count waitressing…and awkwardly waiting on people you grew up with (and making small talk) who very obviously have no idea who you are.


I’ll make it up to ya!



Day 102: Started Waitressing (Again)

Well, ya’ll know I’m on a bit of a budget. And now that I’m moving into my own place (which means higher rent),  I’ve been put back on the schedule for Marie’s. Whoop! (I really am excited. Marie is my best friend’s aunt, aka the crew is practically my second family.)

So I gave myself a pep talk to step back into the waitressing ring.



Kevin sure can fix a mean drink.

maries3.jpgmaries8.jpgAnd to top the night off, I got to sit on the other side of the bar, and catch up with the wonderful Christine.


Day 98: Learned About Engaging Your Audience (WIN Breakfast)

This morning I went to a WIN breakfast entitled: “Engaging Your Audience For Maximum Impact.” It was led by Sheri Bennefeld, and she did a WONDERFUL job.

photo 5 (19)

She explained the success rates of various speech/presentation delivery methods.

Here are some figures:

A lecture has a 5% retention rate (24 hours after session)

Reading– 10%



Discussion Group–50%

Practice By Doing–75%

Teaching Others–90%

Immediate Use–90%

and engagement= storytelling!

Remember for your presentation to provide/prioritize what is:

1. NEED TO KNOW (What needs to be delivered)

2. NICE TO KNOW (If you have time)

3. WHERE TO GO (The references/resources for more information)

Thanks Sheri! I’m going to use this information when I’m presenting next week–wish me luck!