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Day 76: Painted Old Beer Bottles

On Day 73, I drank some giant Coronas.

And an empty beer bottle serves as a perfect vase.

So I painted em up, and made some tissue-paper flowers to put in them.




Day 29: Made Valentine’s Day Cards

For day 29, I used a “craft club” session (a little group of friends that gets together once a month to do crafts), to make Valentine’s Day cards.Image

Pickle had a boyfriend once. (Pickle’s above, Lindsay’s below. [although Lindsay has a boyfriend too…I think…Lindsay, you have a boyfriend right?])ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Marie Antoinette guinea pig card. ImageImageImage

Beth’s paint-mixing skills leave much to be desired. Haha–love ya gurlllll!Image

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Day 13: Painted (acrylic)

When I came home from work, I wanted to sit. I also wanted to have a movie on, but I didn’t want to just sit and watch a movie like usual.2014-01-13 06.49.12So I rummaged through my stuff and found some old acrylic paint from back when I wanted to be the next Mary Cassatt.2014-01-13 06.49.18And I dug out the brushes I bought for a craft night with friends.2014-01-13 06.49.29And I realized, that I don’t really know how to mix the shade of brown (only a dark purple, or a puke green).


I wish I would have used a color wheel while I was painting (instead of looking it up now). I wasted a lot of paint. I’m kinda embarrassed.

And I was incredibly thankful that acrylic paint can be painted over and over and over–white swipes over old mistakes.2014-01-13 08.18.09To be continued…