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Day 85: Studied Spanish

I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately.

And then I’ve been bitching about it to my family.

Then I’ve been feeling bad about bitching.

Then I’ve been sad.

Then I’ve been sharing the sadness with my family.

Then I’ve been feeling like people aren’t gonna want to talk/be around me soon enough (and that I sure don’t).

And then I have another panic-attack/anxiety spazz out.

And the loop continues.

And the booze doesn’t really help anymore. And Jimmy Johns is just too expensive.

So today, when I came home all emo, and threw on a sweatshirt so I could put the hood up for dramatic effect, I played with my phone-app “duolingo.” It’s free, and it checks off a goal.Image

Maybe I can program the app to only teach me positive sayings…

Mi vida es _________.



Day 74: Went to a Baby Shower

My friend is having a baby.

For day 18, I went to her Gender Reveal Party. Today I went to her baby shower.

I saw my family, I saw my friends, and I ate a lot of sweets.

It was wonderful, except for the champagne flute explosion in my eye. (Insert dramatic “in agony” noises here.)


DSC_0141  Image

Day 53: Happy Hour Sushi

Initially my sister and I were going to go thrift shopping after she got off work. Only not a lot of places are open on Sundays. So, naturally, we went out for sushi instead.

And again, naturally, we forgot to take photos.

So here are a few car snapshots that were taken before I jumped out onto the icy sidewalk, and ran back indoors to my blanket and couch.ImageImageImage

(We went to Wakame in Uptown. They have happy hour sushi and drinks until 6:00p.m. We got there at 4:30ish, right before a huge rush of people.)

Day 19: Celebrated “Popcorn Day”

I didn’t do anything all day (except lie in bed, and wonder how the people above me can vacuum a room for so long). It was tough to drag myself out of the apartment to go to my sister’s place across town. (And, the “warm” weather made me feel so incredibly guilty for staying inside all day.) But, I did it.

I left the apartment, I socialized, I ate the dinner she made me, and then I made stove-top popcorn in honor of “popcorn day.”

I knew about the day because of my benicebox list (I also got the kernels in my January box). Again, gotta love it.

popcorn2014-01-19 06.53.21 Step 1: kernels2014-01-19 07.28.462014-01-19 07.28.27 Step 2: Vegetable or Canola oil (enough to coat the kernels).

Step 3: Heat over medium-high heat.2014-01-19 07.35.01 Step 4: Shake em around a bit until they start to pop. Have a lid ready to cover, or they will fly everywhere. Even though the dramatics seem worth it, hot oily kernels don’t feel good.2014-01-19 08.27.10That’s supposed to be a picture of my kernel-burn.2014-01-19 07.36.10 Tada!2014-01-19 07.38.26Yum.

Day 15: Gave Flowers

When I asked for some photoworthy ideas, Keyana told me to “send flowers or a gift to a friend or family member just because.” And this was a great idea.

Only, it wouldn’t be “just because.” Every friend or family member deserves flowers. (Sounds a bit corny, I know.)

One person in particular deserved a special thanks.

My sister Beth has always been a great friend. She’s my “huntin’ buddy,” she helps me with my budget (as in she does EVERYTHING), and she pretty much saved me this past year.

It was the hardest year of my life, and when I needed her she was there, sleeping over on my uncomfortable couch, reminding me that even if I didn’t love myself, she did.

I’m so lucky to have you Beth.


P.S. I went to Pletscher’s Greenhouse. I picked up a bouquet and brought it to my sister, since she lived real close, and it would have cost $8 to deliver. There’s also that delivery complication associated with apartment buildings.

Who are you going to send flowers to?