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Day 104: Speaker Showcase

Today I went to MSAE’s Speaker Showcase event. And by went, I mean physically. My coherent, social self was left behind, rocking back and forth in a dark corner.

I wasn’t feeling well this morning, but I thought that maybe I was touched with exhaustion (waitressing during the day) and paranoia (since everyone at the parent’s house has been getting sick).

So I got up early and still went.

The venue was filled with delicious looking food, and great people to introduce myself to, but I was pretty lethargic, uncomfortable, and quiet throughout the entire thing. After a few bites of food my stomach would make threats or, my head would get dizzy. So, I didn’t really eat (and there was so much FOOD). Ugh.



Day 98: Learned About Engaging Your Audience (WIN Breakfast)

This morning I went to a WIN breakfast entitled: “Engaging Your Audience For Maximum Impact.” It was led by Sheri Bennefeld, and she did a WONDERFUL job.

photo 5 (19)

She explained the success rates of various speech/presentation delivery methods.

Here are some figures:

A lecture has a 5% retention rate (24 hours after session)

Reading– 10%



Discussion Group–50%

Practice By Doing–75%

Teaching Others–90%

Immediate Use–90%

and engagement= storytelling!

Remember for your presentation to provide/prioritize what is:

1. NEED TO KNOW (What needs to be delivered)

2. NICE TO KNOW (If you have time)

3. WHERE TO GO (The references/resources for more information)

Thanks Sheri! I’m going to use this information when I’m presenting next week–wish me luck!

Day 80: Attended Good Leadership Breakfast

This morning I attended the Good Leadership Breakfast.

It was early.

I forgot my “awake medicine” in the car, and was beyond tired. I can’t believe I took so long to get to a sleep expert (and get diagnosed with a sleep disorder).

Anyways, the highlight of the event was toward the end. Everybody was encouraged to put a donation in a bucket in the middle of the table (my boss spotted me some bucks), along with a business card. Then, they counted the money, grabbed one of the business cards, and called that person to the front of the room. She then got to choose what organization the money went to.

The donation amount was in the thousands.

I can’t remember how much, or to what charity it went.

I was sleepy remember?



Day 70: Attended a WIN Breakfast

This morning WIN had a networking breakfast.

I really can’t function in the morning (I found out a few months ago that I have a sleep disorder [think narcoleptic without the seizing and rapid falling asleep]), but I met some great people, ate some eggs-n-stuff, and watched a great presentation by Barbara Zuleger called “How to Bust Through the Bottleneck in Your Business.”

It was a great and informative presentation, and I would share the highlights here, but my sleepy morning self forgot a pen, and I didn’t take notes. (And my sleepy evening self can’t remember.)

I left the event feeling pretty darn energetic–ready to conquer, and ready to break some bottlenecks.


And I met Dajon, of Dajon Smiles. Her business really caught my attention. I mean, it’s got “smile” in the name (imagine me waving around my arm, pointing to the “smile” tattoo on my wrist). The card above is part of a deck that she gave me. I’ll be taking photos of my favorite cards on my instagram account (follow me at kturn283).


Day 57: Attended the “Destined to WIN” Conference

Met people.

Chatted with friends.

Learned stuff.


Wore pink lipstick (called “hazard”).

Towered in heels.

Destined to WIN. *My friend Laine (who gave me a photography lesson) took photos for the event–she’s amazing!

1658270_792175060812368_2070719127_oImage1606408_792174700812404_1450273891_oAfter the event, I’ve added the book Traction to my GoodReads “Want to Read” list, and I’ve added “make a traction board” to my to-do list for work so the office can share accomplishments. It was also suggested that people take the strength finder test, but since I’m dirt poor, I’m going to skip that step and just assume the results would say I’m great at everything. Oh, and this woman really impressed me during her talk. She seemed to have a pretty firm grasp on psychology-y things, and how to translate how your brain works, to how your business works.

And here are “Eight Ways to Generate Inspiration,” from Jeannette Grace‘s “How to Get Others to Gravitate to You.”


  • Speak up when you see something great.


  • Set the tone and the expectation.


  • Do what you say you will do.


  • Give it to yourself and to others.


  • Stand up. Do the right thing. Take risks.


  • Embrace it! Do something unexpected.


  • Do something for someone else each day.


  • Keep learning.

Day 55: Attended Allied Executive Annual Business Event

My boss brought me along to a business event today. It was for CEOs, so I fit right in.

The speakers were pretty good, their main points/good reminders:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Hire (um, I can’t do that) a variety of people–aka introverts, extroverts, creative, number-crunchers, x-generations, millennials, etc. to get different perspectives and talents
  • Encourage discussion about concepts (to challenge and improve them), but make sure to avoid “fluff” in meetings

So yeah, some good stuff there…but the speeches (collectively) were long, and I almost peed my tights.



After the sit-and-listen part was done, there was networking (and free food). By networking I mean people stood around and mingled with people they worked with. I walked around in circles, awkwardly staring at the few booths’ materials, and striking up conversations about insurance policies (when I have NO knowledge of this whatsoever).

And as I grabbed a cookie and did another lap around the room, I realized this event had a “weird” networking vibe, just like the Minnedemo event I attended on Day 43. And as I shook hands from a man after he bought me a beer I realized why I felt so weird. This wasn’t networking. This was a bunch of friends chatting about nothing, and I was just a girl walking around to be ogled, pitied, or pursued (did I mention the one person I gave a business card to at the Minnedemo called me at work and asked me out?). Ugh.

I’m not saying people were unprofessional, and I’m also not implying that everyone was ogling me (my over-caffeinated awkward bug eyes no doubt served as a repellent), I’m not even saying that the guy who bought me a beer was hitting on me (although regardless, he shouldn’t have bought me a beer). I’m just saying that the majority of attendees weren’t trying to meet new people and/or share business expertise and advice. I felt like an outsider. Just like with the Minnedemo, there were few women, and just like the Minnedemo and their smarty-pants attendees, this event was filled with a demographic so unlike my own: people with money.

And although I left the place with some gained knowledge, more experience in talking to strangers, and a general feeling of well-being from being around people (since I am most often a hermit), now that I sit and think about it, I’m a little sad.

And I’m a little thankful. I need to destroy that networking barrier, and become comfortable talking with anyone. I need to capture that bad vibe and strangle it, rework it, and reintroduce it into my life under my terms.

**Again I want to assure that this event/organization is great, swell, awesome. I met some nice people and had some nice conversations. I just wanted to share an internal struggle.

Day 43: Went to MinneDemo

After work, I went to MinneDemo. My boss told me about it (he bought the ticket), and encouraged me to attend.

There were a lot of people there, packed together to hear about the newest innovations. There was free food (veggies and dip), and a free drink (if only they didn’t charge for parking).


I tried small talk with some strangers, and it was really uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s because of the differences in “smarts.” I mean, I’m a words person. I think the only reason I could hold a conversation at all, was because I have a bachelor of science, and/or because I was wearing a dress. Ugh.

The presentations were pretty cool, although I think some were a bit delusional. I’m too “meh” to go into it here. Check out the speaker’s topics here.

Oh, and everyone should know not to chew gum during a presentation, right?

Day 35: Went to a Networking Event

I went to a networking event after work.

I brought the unbelievably awesome Angela Halgrimson. She’s a children’s book author. She just won a Mom’s Choice Award, just sayin’.


This event was put on by WIN, and it had wine and chocolate. (Did you know, that it is perfectly reasonable to eat large amounts of dessert in place of dinner?)

And I’m only now coming down from my sugar high.

I’m not sure if I was in an extra good mood because of Angela (and the wine and candy), but the night was a blast! Everybody I met was giving off positive vibes, and I honestly felt that I walked away with friends and not just potential business connections.

Day 16: Reunited With an Old (Yet New) Friend

Ok, so when I say I had a “bad day,” it’s really an unfair generalization. My car started, I got to work safely, I met with a real cheery author, and I got to meet with a friend for “dinner.”

And little details in there were a bit unpleasant.

Anyways, what counts, is that I got to meet with an old (yet new) friend for “dinner.” I considered it “dinner,” because it was around supper time, but I put it in quotations, because I just got pie and wine. And I labelled her an old (yet new) friend, because I’ve only known this friend for a year (new), but she was the first person I met in the Twin Cities (old).


I met Laine at WIN (Women in Networking) a year ago (my first day at my job). Laine learned I was new to the area, so she asked me to meet up for dinner. We went to Gigi’s that first night, and again tonight for old times sake.

When you learn someone is new to an area, job, or apartment, do you try to make them feel welcome?ImageImage

Tonight Laine helped me brainstorm through my writing group’s road blocks. (And a few personal moral dilemmas. No big deal.)

We also set up a tentative one-on-one photography lesson. You see, Laine’s real talented.ImageAnd we tried to take a million photos…and I’d say they’re all keepers.Image