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Book Reread: “What Happened to Goodbye”


Naturally, when I have a lot to do (hello–I have to pack for turkey hunting on Thursday!), I lay down and read.

I tried to work on a query letter for an article pitch, but I soon shut the laptop and succumbed to the camo-comforter, and finished reading “What Happened to Goodbye,” for the upteenth time.

I love Sarah Dessen books (seriously, all of them). I’ve always dreamed of having a huge library in my house, but I’ve newly been set on getting rid of books I don’t think I’ll reread. It may take me a bit longer to grow my archives, but just imagine a place where any title can be pulled and opened to a spot at random (if, for some reason I didn’t feel like starting again at the beginning), and enjoyed.

I’m a chronic rereader, and proud.


Day 87: Read, Snuggled, Relaxed

Ok. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do enough. I should go out more. I should see more people. I should explore. And I shouldn’t lounge about so often.

Well today I thought “screw that.”

After a lot of budgeting, and a week of applying for part time jobs, I realize that my weekends are going to change drastically again. I’ve done it before, the work, work, work, and more work…and it didn’t work out (for my happiness). But, I know that I have to do it again. I can’t afford not to.

Anyways, I know how much it sucks, and in the midst of an overworked and scrambled and exhausted mind, it isn’t the “exciting stuff” that miss most, but the energy to open a book and read without my eyes drooping shut.

So, this Friday night, I read, I snuggled (with Pickle), and I relaxed.

photo 3 (12)

I reread “Specials” for the zillionth time. A great final book in the “Uglies” trilogy.

Day 56: Read and Wrote (Again)?

I worked extra late tonight (until like 7:30ish). And this is how I felt:Image

I needed to get A LOT done today since I’m going to an event tomorrow (stay tuned), and I have Friday off. Anyways, I got home, ate, drank half a bottle of wine, and did laundry, and suddenly I was stuck with the realization that I have to get up at 6 a.m., and my bed time was fast approaching (and passing me by).

As I “folded” semi-damp clothing, pondering what I could do real easy, and real quick before bed, I realized that I wanted to make a donation to a suicide prevention program. My coworker told a story at work today that completely threw me off track, bringing memories of my friend Jenny to the front my mind (she killed herself about two years ago). Unfortunately, I’m not sure what these googled suicide prevention programs do. Their outdated websites make we wary. I know there are suicide prevention strategies that take money, but I want to know specifically where my money is going. I’m about to jump in the Polar Plunge (stay tuned) because I know that the organization is reputable.

So, I ask all of you internet folk: Do you know of any good ol reputable depression/suicide prevention/awareness groups.

A lifetime bucket list item of mine is to help others fight depression (especially at an early age).

Anyways, since I didn’t really follow through on anything special I did the same thing today. I read, and I wrote.

Day 38: Wrote, Read, Wrote, Read

I spent the morning reading in bed.

Then, I moved to the couch and wrote and read the rest of the day.

I finished the last book in “The Song of the Lioness” series (Gah–I love them so much!), and got some more of my book finished.Image

And I threw in some wine since it’s the weekend. 😉